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Yoga and Green Tea

I am establishing some new morning habits.

For a couple of years, my old habit was to wake-up to inane talk radio and listen to it for a whole hour while lounging in bed.  I would then drag myself out of bed and get dressed, then watch a half hour of depressing and oh-so-repetitive cable news while I ate breakfast. When I left for work, I was already tired and spent. It was no wonder that my right knee felt like a knife was slicing through it. It was as if all that negative energy was settling into the structure and mechanism of my knee.

At the end of March I got a wake up call that I needed to be doing more cardio exercise to improve my health. But how would I do that with a bum knee? Past experiences with western medical practitioners made me skeptical to ask them for help. I did not want to take painkillers or other drugs and physical therapy never proved helpful in previous situations.

So I got off my butt (literally) and engaged the services of a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner. I just finished 17 weeks of acupuncture treatment, including herbs and nutritional counseling. The results: Four months ago I could not walk two city blocks or climb a flight of stairs without stabbing pain in my knee. Yesterday, I walked and actually jogged TWO miles with no knee pain whatsoever. (Okay, I just jogged on the flat parts of my very hilly town– but still!)

My new morning habit is to wake up at 4:45, make a cup of green tea, leave it to cool, take my walk, come home and do some yoga and meditation, and then re-hydrate by drinking the tea– all before 6 am. This leaves me time to clean up and dress, pack my lunch, eat my breakfast, maybe read a little, and still get to work 7:30.

Do you see what’s missing? NO media. No news about stupid, inept and embarrassing politicians, acts of violence, the destruction of our environment, social unrest, injustice, et cetera.     None.   Nada.   Zip.

Those issues are important and are not forgotten.  I just deal with them later in the day.   My goal is start my day in peace and harmony.

Now the trick is to keep these habits engaged until they become a fully complete life-style.  There’s no going back at this point.

I’d better get myself some more tea.


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Slow Time

I had slow time in a labyrinth today — a stunning 11-circuit Chartres -style labyrinth under coastal oaks and Italian pines. Entering slow time means that one leaves all the daily cares and dashing around at the entrance of the path. Walking the labyrinth services contemplatives in many ways. For me, it meant dumping some baggage along the way and recharging my spiritual batteries.

A natural stone fountain.

A stone platform at the center.

Other visitors had left pine cones, stones, and coins on the center stone.   To mark my passage through the labyrinth, I left some purple jacaranda petals.

On  the edge of the City of Angels.

Ljgloyd (2017)


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Interior Cartography: Sometimes When You Crack an Egg, She Erupts……

A wise man told me not to repress anger but to channel it in a journal to let it go. Lava-spewing cracked eggs? You think I might just be a little p-o’d? LOL!

ljg (c) 2017 — Found images manipulated in photoshop.


Tapering Off or Cold Turkey?

I stopped eating wheat about two months ago. I did not taper off. I just went cold turkey.

It was not easy. Everything I eat I wish were a toasted bagel slathered with cream cheese. Every time I drive past my favorite burger joint on Main Street with their big, soft sesame seed grilled buns, I begin muttering to myself the mantra: “Don’t stop, don’t stop, keep driving, you can have a nice bowl of brown rice when you get home.”

Modern wheat has been likened to heroin. Seriously. The wheat that is grown now is not the same wheat consumed for thousands of years.  It has been genetically modified to create a larger crop yield. Unfortunately, this genetic manipulation has increased in wheat a substance called gliatin which is an appetite stimulant. The more wheat you eat, the more hungry you get.   And it is a substance addiction that is hard to break.  Here is an easy-to-read article about this here.

Since I’ve stopped eating wheat, I have better digestion and more importantly, my joints do not hurt anymore (apparently wheat consumption causes inflammation in some people– me included). I did not realize how much my body hurt until I stopped eating wheat and the inflammation calmed down.

Now, for my other “addiction.” Caffeine.

Twenty years ago I did not drink coffee. Then when the “green mermaid” coffee houses started opening up, I began to frequent them for ice blended mochas and other sweet drinks. Then I graduated to the stronger stuff. Now I get a vente dark roast drip almost every morning. If I don’t have my morning coffee, I will have a screaming, skull-smashing, debilitating headache by late morning that no pain reliever will conquer.

Cold turkey, therefore, is not an option. I will need to slowly taper off if I am to survive this very real withdrawal symptom.

I am starting this morning. I will get a half-decaf, half-fully leaded vente. I have to start somewhere.

Is there a coffee equivalent of the DTs? Gosh, I hope not.

Post-Script:  I really did go down to our building’s canteen right after I posted this to get some coffee, and I noticed that they are now selling “bagel buzzes”, which are bagels made with 32 ounces of added caffeine.  I’m not making this up!   Now one does not have to “pick their poison”;  they come together in one easy to manage package.

Oh, and by the way, nothing here should be construed as medical advice.  This nutritional advice was given to me by a medical practitioner and works for me.  You need to go see your own practitioner before you try this.


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Back on the Circuit

The volume of pain in my knee, from which I’ve been suffering for quite a long time, has dissipated to barely a whisper, so this morning, I did something that I have not done in nearly two years: I went out for a pre-dawn power walk.

When I was at my best I could do three miles through my neighborhood in about 45 to 50 minutes — pretty good for someone my age.  Then life circumstances and a bum knee made that all but impossible.

Three months of acupuncture and an anti-inflammation diet has turned the pain around.

This morning I woke up at the hideous hour of ONE o’freaking clock in the morning and could not go back to sleep. I read for several hours, tried to go back to sleep and then finally gave up.  I decided it was high time I got back to exercising.  I was out the door at 5:15 in my ratty but still serviceable trainers. I decided to start small: one pass on the one-mile circuit I had mapped out two years ago.

I powered along in great spirits because I was not feeling any pain in my knee. Until — sigh — I was a few yards from my front door when that familiar stab of pain went screaming at full volume through my knee. I slowed my gait to that of a snail with a hangover.

It took 21 minutes to walk one mile.

I am not discouraged though. Right now my knee is not hurting,  and I intend to put some heat on it in few minutes to make sure it stays that way.  And I have an appointment with the acupuncturist tomorrow and he’ll fix things right up.

Small steps, sweetie, small steps.  You’ll get there.