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LOTR: A Literary Masterpiece

It is my opinion that the greatest piece of writing in all of English literature, outside of the King James Bible, is J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Yes, I believe the three books of this series are even more finely crafted than any of the works by William Shakespeare.

That being said, I was going to give you a brief summary and my analysis, but if I had done so, it was have been a total snoozer and a complete waste of your time.  Instead, I offer my favorite documentary on the topic, one of the video appendices from the movie version’s DVD.    The first 23 minutes explores the creative genius of Tolkien and the crafting of his mythology.  It is a fascinating look at the making of a masterpiece.


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On a Date with a Bunch of Poets

About twenty years ago, Bill Moyers had a series on PBS called Language of Life.  The series showcased poets from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds.  When I first viewed this series so many years ago, I discovered that poetry was meant to be heard — and even watched– not merely read.   I was able to find this series recently on DVD.  My artist’s date this week was to binge-watch this series again while home recovering from a bad cold.  Unfortunately, there are not many clips on YouTube from this series.  Fortunately, though, one clip I did find is of the late poet Sekou Sundiata performing his lyrical and powerful poem “Blink Your Eyes”.    I want to share this poem with you.  Hopefully you can hear what I hear and enjoy it:


Sound Healing

thinline-frame-drumSynchronicity is flowing through my creative world today.  I was delighted to see this morning’s Daily Post prompt:  Sound. Yesterday I acquired a new frame drum, and for several weeks I have been researching the therapeutic use of music. That cannot be coincidence.

Did you know that music, particularly drumming, relieves stress, improves sleep, raises energy levels, enhances religious or spiritual practices, expresses pent-up emotions, and builds community?

Although I have been drumming on a darbuka and a small djembe for a while, I am new to the frame drum so I need to do some practicing — like this: