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I Write, I Drum

Today’s Daily Post prompt, Percussive, is right in my wheel house.


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So Your Genius Dumped You?

When I saw this morning’s Daily Post prompt, Genius, I immediately knew I had to share with you one of my favorite video clips. It’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk on creative genius. I know I’ve posted on this video before, but I feel compelled to share it again from time to time. I listen to this whenever I am feeling down in the creative dumps.

In the talk, Gilbert states that the Greeks believed a genius to be a divine being that helped the artist or writer to create.   The genius would create through the person.   They believed that the individual was a vessel through which divinity entered the world to create a work and that the ultimate success or failure of that  creative work rested on the genius, not on the individual.   This takes the pressure off, in my opinion, when I realize that I am truly NOT a genius.  LOL!   In other words, this concept keeps one from losing his or her ever-loving mind.

She concludes by saying if you feel like your genius has let you down, you keep on writing… or painting…. or dancing…. or singing anyway.  It’s your calling and your vocation. Just DO IT!

Here is the video. Her comments on genius starts about 6:30, but I urge you to listen to the whole talk. It’s worth it.

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Who Said Denial Couldn’t be Fun?

Yesterday, I just could not bear watching anymore dreadful news on television, so I spent a good portion of my evening watching YouTube videos. Among my favorites are Mr. Max TV, OnePotChef, and Animal Adventure Park.

But then I came across one video that is over-the-top fun:

Who said that denial couldn’t be fun?

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A Spicy Winter Tonic

Every Autumn when the weather starts to cool down and I begin to interact with more people on the day-job, I inevitably come down with a bad head cold. This year I thought I would start early — last March to be exact — in developing ways to build my immune system. One of those ways was to make a batch of what I call “winter tonic.” This is an old folk remedy with many names. I am going to start taking a daily teaspoonful dose in hope that this spicy concoction will minimize my acquisition of a nasty cold.   Or is it decoction? Maybe it might be a type of tincture? Whatever… a jar has been sitting in my refrigerator all spring and summer so it is good and potent now.

When I made it last Spring, I mixed together chopped onion, garlic, fresh horseradish, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, honey, cayenne and star anise, put this all in a glass jar covered with apple cider vinegar and let sit in the refrigerator for a month. I then strained the solids out of it. At that point it was ready for consumption. I have to admit that at the very least it will clear sinuses — or be put to use as a salad dressing. I will see about the immune-boosting qualities as the season progresses.

I got this recipe from a master herbalist: