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A Poet Grapples with Quantum Physics

I was experimenting with writing in trochaic tetrameter blank verse (Dum da, Dum da, Dum da, Dum da) and came up with this.

A Poet Grapples with Quantum Physics

Cannot wrap my mind around it
Wave and particles, order and chaos
Take too close a look in our time
And waves turn in upon themselves
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

ljgloyd 2023

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Poetic Forms: Bob and Wheel

I will be exploring various poetic forms for a while. The first is an old English form called “Bob and Wheel”. This form is five lines, with a rhyme scheme of ABABA, the first line is two or three syllables and the remaining lines are all six syllables.

I fired this one off this morning in my journal.

Here we go:
Daily commute to work
Red, green, go with the flow
Ride that desk, do not shirk
Sixty-five comes too slow.

ljgloyd 2023