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Day 107: One Book July 2020


In the planner community—folks who like to collect and use planners and journals to organize their lives—there is a yearly challenge called One Book July.   Planner enthusiasts often have more than one planner or journal—I, myself, use two— so this challenge provides us with the opportunity to streamline by limiting our planning activities to one book and one pen for one month.  Here is a very brief video explaining my one book plan for this challenge and how I will deviate from the guidelines — which is perfectly okay according to the organizers of the challenge:



Day 100 of the New Normal

I don’t have much to say today, but I felt compelled to mark that today is the 100th day that I have been cloistered away from my workplace. I can’t really call it a quarantine anymore because I am out and about and doing things. (I went to a socially- distanced Black Lives Matter gathering yesterday). I guess I’ll just call it Day 100 of the New Normal. One hundred days ago I would never have thought that our world would be where it is right now.


ljgloyd 2020



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Day 84: Making My Own Sacred Music

Music is a big part of my worship experience, and since we cannot go to a physical church these days to do that– and when we return, there still will be no singing so to keep the Virus from spreading– I have been trying to make my own music.   I fell in love with the steel tongue drum when a drummer-buddy of mine let me play his.   I finally got one and now I can sink into live music once more.  Here is a little demo:






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Day 82, Day 8: Signs of the Time

It is Day 82 of my quarantine, and Day 8 since the murder of George Floyd.  I feel like I’m living inside a dystopian novel. First I am confined at home because of the virus and now because of the curfew.  You can’t make this stuff up.

It is my custom to go for a walk around my neighborhood every evening, but because of the curfew, I went for a walk at noon time instead. Here is what I found just a four minute walk from my home.  Yes, violence and destruction of property is not something we want, but don’t let us get our focus off of what this is really about:





Ljg 2020