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How to Kill Creativity

One of my colleagues pointed me in the direction of this video of Sir Ken Robinson and his thoughts on our educational systems. His comments are quite entertaining as well and worth 20 minutes.


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Freaky Fog Shot

Always look for a way to explore the world from a different perspective.
Ask yourself: “What if I…….?”
For example, this evening I asked myself
“What if I tried to photograph thick fog with the flash engaged?”

freaky fog shot 003 small

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Space and Time

morning walk old el segundo 002 cropped

I encountered this phantom woman on my morning walk. Is that an image of the former me or a new me emerging from my circumstances?

For the last few weeks, I have been dealing with an intense situation that has required me to be away from my creative space and taken nearly all of my time and attention.  I have not written or made images during this time.   This diversion has reinforced that the daily practice of creativity — at least for me — requires a consistency of time and space to do so.

I am struggling to create a new “normal” that will allow me at least a few minutes a day to practice.  This morning I returned to my morning pages and went walking with a camera in hand.

Slowly I will return to my practice.  More coming soon, I hope.

morning walk old el segundo 009 small

Even in the driest of creative climates, there are cactus blossoms.

And I hope to be coming back as fast as the Shanghai Express.

And I hope to be coming back as fast as the Shanghai Express.