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Getting Out to the Art


For the first time since way before the pandemic, I took myself out to an art museum. It was weird being out among so many people (and I sure hope I don’t catch anything).

The point of my visit was to jump start my creativity. I did go home and start a painting.

By the way, I am still reading the Iliad so I found myself being drawn to subjects of classical Greek mythology.

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Inktober 2022

I undertook the annual Inktober Challenge this year.   This challenge is to respond to various prompts and sketch an image in ink every day during October.   I am not a fan of ink drawing since it is so unforgiving.   I much prefer pencil drawings which are more forgiving and less harsh.   Below are a few images:








Bad Dog




lgloyd (c) 2022

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Still Life with Alliums and Nightshades

I’ve tried a lot of different hobbies, crafts, and activities during the pandemic. It seems the one that is going to stick is a drawing practice using colored pencils. I just finished this drawing which may go up on a kitchen wall.

“Still Life with Alliums and Nightshades”, 9×12 inches, Prismacolor pencils on Strathmore 400.

LJGloyd (c) 2021


Day 127: Blueberry Galette

I made a galette this afternoon, which is just a fancy name for a rustic fruit tart—and “rustic” is just a fancy way of saying “let’s not worry about how it looks – just how good it tastes.”    😀