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“I’m Just Here for the Shavasana”

“I’m just here for the Shavasana” is a tee-shirt meme that I find quite amusing and altogether accurate.

I have been doing yoga off-and-on since childhood, along with tai chi and chi-gong, bellydancing (yes, you heard me), and labyrinth walking.   I find any sort of moving meditation beneficial, but yoga is the one that has stuck with me the most all these decades. Once I got over yoga as merely another form of exercise and began to see it as a means to relaxation, meditation and prayer, I have been able to develop it as a routine practice that I do most days.

Shavasana (or savasana) is traditionally the last pose in most yoga routines. It is simply reclining and relaxing all the muscles. “A complete yoga practice will furnish the nervous system with a host of new neuromuscular information. Shavasana gives the nervous system a chance to integrate that into a brief pause before it is forced to deal with the usual stresses of daily life once again.” (Wikepedia).

I don’t know about the science of it; I just know that I enter a state of physical and mental bliss after my yoga practice. I feel a complete release of body and mind.


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Sweet Seduction

My name is Miss Pelican and I am an addict.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

I crave carbohydrates, particularly sugar and other “white” carbs like flour, rice and potatoes. I am not making light of people with substance abuse issues.  I am serious.  For me, these types of carbohydrates are as difficult to overcome as opioids and alcohol. And just as deadly.

I am working on eliminating them from my diet, but there are days when I succumb to their sweet seductive beckoning. I have never eaten a whole chocolate pie at one sitting, but I have gone on pasta benders and convinced myself that since it was whole wheat or high fiber pasta then it must be healthy. The same can be said for rice: since it is low-fat and relatively low in calories, it must be safe to eat. That huge scoop of white rice in the carton of Loco Moco from the Hawaiian BBQ joint is more dangerous to me than the egg, the burger patty, and the gravy together.

And the most seductive: fruit.  Fruit? Yes. And spare me the argument that since fruit has fiber then it is perfectly fine for me to consume. You would not tell an alcoholic that a bottle of wine is harmless because you can polish it off in an evening with no adverse effects. The same is true here. An apple is okay for me once in a while.. A fruit salad, not so much.

Sugar is sugar is sugar. And whether in comes in pure white crystalline cubes or in a bowl of spaghetti covered in marinara, it is a drug and it will eventually kill me if I don’t rein it in.



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Stretched Every Which Way…

This week I feel like I have been pulled in every conceivable direction: by the day job, by family concerns, by some home maintenance issues, and all the usual routine activities.

But whenever I start feeling like a stretched out piece of elastic, I go with it: I physically start stretching every which way on my yoga mat.

I usually end up in Child’s Pose, where I draw in my stretched out spirit and release myself to God.

Then everything just snaps back in the place and all is well.



The Dreaded Leggings

I swore a long time ago to never, ever wear leggings. Ever. Anybody who knows me already has a mental image of this. I am so sorry for that.

So a few weeks ago, I accidentally bought a pair. My only defense is that they looked just like regular athletic pants. Being too busy to drive back to Target to return them, I told myself that they are “just for inside– lounging around and sleeping.” Well, except I overslept this morning and in that gray period between good intentions and taking action, I knew if I took the time to change out of the leggings into my regular active wear, I would talk myself out of doing my morning power walk. So I didn’t change out of them.   “After all,” I told myself, “it is 4:45 am. No one is going to see me in my leggings.” (You know where this is going….)   I ventured out — not only in the dreaded leggings but in a SHORT tee-shirt that covered NOTHING in the caboose area.

USUALLY, there is no traffic at this time of the night/morning.   But NO, not THIS morning.  I came to a four-way intersection and–you guessed it– cars from multiple directions with high-beam headlights converged right as I was crossing.   They could see EVERYTHING.

And, yes, they saw things they could not un-see.

So, I just sighed, waggled my behind at them, and kept on walking.





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A Spicy Winter Tonic

Every Autumn when the weather starts to cool down and I begin to interact with more people on the day-job, I inevitably come down with a bad head cold. This year I thought I would start early — last March to be exact — in developing ways to build my immune system. One of those ways was to make a batch of what I call “winter tonic.” This is an old folk remedy with many names. I am going to start taking a daily teaspoonful dose in hope that this spicy concoction will minimize my acquisition of a nasty cold.   Or is it decoction? Maybe it might be a type of tincture? Whatever… a jar has been sitting in my refrigerator all spring and summer so it is good and potent now.

When I made it last Spring, I mixed together chopped onion, garlic, fresh horseradish, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, honey, cayenne and star anise, put this all in a glass jar covered with apple cider vinegar and let sit in the refrigerator for a month. I then strained the solids out of it. At that point it was ready for consumption. I have to admit that at the very least it will clear sinuses — or be put to use as a salad dressing. I will see about the immune-boosting qualities as the season progresses.

I got this recipe from a master herbalist: