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silmarillion-jpgI am a Tolkien fan, but I am embarrassed to say that I have never quite made it through The Silmarillion. Fellow Ringers will know why. It is a darn hard read.   Anyway, I was looking for a brief summary of this massive tome to be a guide because I would like to read another of Tolkien’s works on my winter break:  The Children of Hurin which is an expansion of a story from The Silmarillion.  Again, if you are a Ringer, you know about this book too.

In searching for a summary of “The Sil”, I found this amusing video.  Quite frankly, it works for me!  (Ringers, you’ll love this).

Oh, yeah, and the other thing I am going to do on my winter break is to have a Peter Jackson Hobbit/LOTR movie marathon. If I get through it, I may make it an annual event.