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Getting Off My Duff

As you may have noticed, I have not been posting much.  This is because I am actually trying to work on a novel.   Then about a month ago I had a number of situations come up including a hideous headcold that totally derailed me, and I wasn’t writing anything at all.

Now I am back on track with the novel because I turned to my online writing group for encouragement.  They kicked me in the toosh and got me going again. The first day I committed to the group to write ONE sentence.  I wrote three.  The next day I wrote 100 words and the following day 400.  Slow but moving forward.

If you are a writer, I would recommend that you engage those persons who serve that purpose in your writing life.  They can be online or real life.  I would suggest they be individuals who are writers themselves or at least understand the writing life.

You don’t want the wrong person kicking your badonkadonk.

Back to work now.



A Little Gift from the Universe

These are not particularly good photos.  I snapped them the way a gunslinger would draw a pistol:  quick from the hip without thinking too much about it.

I was walking along the edge of a habitat restoration area just under the flight path a major urban airport.  I was not expecting to see any wildlife, but I have gotten into the habit of carrying my camera at my side, powered-up and ready to shoot just in case.

The Universe did not disappoint me this morning:  a snake and a fox.


With Gratitude,

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