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Kung Pao Chicken on a Hot August Night

Last Friday, I spent the entire day inside an office.  You know how offices are:  monochromatic, plain, plastic, chrome, and if you are lucky, a little glass.  

After being cooped up all day, I went out for a bite of supper.  Since it was warm, I ate outside.   The late afternoon sun hitting my plate of Kung Pao chicken just made the colors explode.  This image is not altered.  These were the colors.   The colors were quite invigorating after a day surrounded by the ordinary and plain.

What a contrast to the rest of my day.  What contrasting images, colors, shapes, ideas, and motifs do you see around you today?  How does this make you feel?  Can you share your observations by writing or image?


Online Learning

As most of my online colleagues who are reading this post already know, social media and technology have revolutionized learning. Here is a Tedx lecture by one of my favorite podcasters who explains his foray into online learning with unexpected results: from a simple podcast of a university course lecture to creating a non-profit online university:

What will you accomplish with your social media savvy?


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