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My office is often the receptacle of all kinds of interesting items. Someone brought in this sugar skull a few years ago for the Day of the Dead, and it ended up staying with me. I have taken to calling him Guillermo.  

Miss Pelican (c) 2012

7 thoughts on “Guillermo

  1. Guillermo looks like a nice, quiet office mate.

  2. Love this office companion. Such fun Lori!

  3. I can see this in a story talking to someone…

  4. Love it. The whole Mexican Day of the Dead is fascinating. Have you ever been to Mexico when it’s on? Imagine the photos that would result.

  5. I love your video. Where did you film it. The way the images and music work together to create a really profound atmosphere is impressive.

    • I took these photos at El Pueblo de Los Angeles, which is the oldest section of Los Angeles. The city was founded in 1781 by settlers from Mexico. This celebration was a small one. There is a big two-day massive celebration in Hollywood every year. Some day I am going to get there.

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