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The Year of the Dog

I was born in a Year of the Dog.

I am too much of a skeptic to believe in such things as astrology, but I cannot help being pleased at the ascribed characteristics of people born in “dog years”. Dogs are loyal and trustworthy. They are persistent and stubborn. You could even say dogs have a type of integrity. For the most part, you can trust a dog.

Yes, dogs are good people. I can deal with that.



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Sweet Seduction

My name is Miss Pelican and I am an addict.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

I crave carbohydrates, particularly sugar and other “white” carbs like flour, rice and potatoes. I am not making light of people with substance abuse issues.  I am serious.  For me, these types of carbohydrates are as difficult to overcome as opioids and alcohol. And just as deadly.

I am working on eliminating them from my diet, but there are days when I succumb to their sweet seductive beckoning. I have never eaten a whole chocolate pie at one sitting, but I have gone on pasta benders and convinced myself that since it was whole wheat or high fiber pasta then it must be healthy. The same can be said for rice: since it is low-fat and relatively low in calories, it must be safe to eat. That huge scoop of white rice in the carton of Loco Moco from the Hawaiian BBQ joint is more dangerous to me than the egg, the burger patty, and the gravy together.

And the most seductive: fruit.  Fruit? Yes. And spare me the argument that since fruit has fiber then it is perfectly fine for me to consume. You would not tell an alcoholic that a bottle of wine is harmless because you can polish it off in an evening with no adverse effects. The same is true here. An apple is okay for me once in a while.. A fruit salad, not so much.

Sugar is sugar is sugar. And whether in comes in pure white crystalline cubes or in a bowl of spaghetti covered in marinara, it is a drug and it will eventually kill me if I don’t rein it in.




My Invisibilty Cloak

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter books or films, you will know that Harry has a cloak of invisibility. This enables him to skirt about Hogwarts eavesdropping on his friends and enemies and escaping from perilous situations. When Harry wears his cloak he cannot be seen at at all. No one knows he is present.

I have occasionally thought that having a cloak of invisibility might be handy. I could sit on a park  bench or in a café and watch the world go by, and no one would notice me. I could people-watch without having to be discreet about it. My presence would never be acknowledged. It would be as if I wasn’t even there.

Wait a minute – – it’s like that for me already.

The condition of an older woman in today’s world is better than any invisibility cloak.






P.T. Barnum

Today’s Daily Post prompt, fraud. is the first one this month to which I am balking in response.

Maybe it is because my world is laden with fraud. Where would I start? With the people in my life who are not what they appear to be?  Fraudulent sobs.   Then there are my own insecurities that whisper to me “Don’t let anyone see who YOU really are. You’re the real fraud.”  Then, I can’t help but think about our leaders who swore to uphold and defend the constitution and who most definitely are not.  They are the epitome of all frauds.

I could write for days on all of these — but it is too discouraging to do so.

As I was pondering the acts of fraud I have experienced or witnessed, I was not surprised when this sentence by legendary hoaxer P.T. Barnum popped into my mind: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Aha! Now there’s a person who knew about fraud. He would be a interesting person to study and write on.

However, when I googled this famous quote of his, I found this on Wikipedia:

“‘There’s a sucker born every minute”” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century, although there is no evidence that he said it.”

Ironic, isn’t it?