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The Great Wave

Great wave

It has been nearly a month since I last posted. It’s mostly because life got in the way. You know how it is. It’s not that I haven’t been writing. I have–in my journal. You know how that is too, if you’re a writer.

As I work through some issues in my personal writing,  I’ve noticed something that I want to share with you.  It’s a bit odd.  Okay, here it is:  I think I might be a little preoccupied with tsunami.  Yeah, those big, giant waves that destroy everything.   Weird, huh?

For many years, since childhood, I have had dreams about great waves sweeping on shore. In the dreams, sometimes I am standing on a high bluff, out of harm’s way. Other times, I am dashed against the rocks at the bottom the bluff by the wave. One particularly vivid dream had me standing in an open field in the wetlands not far from my home. I watched the ocean fill in the entire area stopping just at the steps from my childhood home. The odd thing is that in these dreams I always wake up right before the wave drowns me.

I have accounted for these dreams as an indicator of great anxiety on my part. When my real life fills with anxiety, I can count on a tsunami dream arising in my sleep. Water equals emotions; churning water equals churning emotions; devastating water equals, well, you get it.

So here’s the odd thing: lately  I have been manifesting around me images of giant waves. First, I acquired a leather writing journal cover earrings-britannia-metal-wave-er59_grandewhich is etched  with the image of Hokusai’s Great Wave.   A while back, I purchased a pendant of  a stylized wave.  Following that I got the earrings to match.  About two weeks ago, I came across a YouTube video which demonstrated how someone could  draw and paint a Japanese- style wood block print of a giant wave.   Naturally, I’ve been doodling and drawing waves too.

So what’s up with that?     Does this mean that the anxiety that has caused the dreams all these years is becoming resolved?    Or is there something building inside of me that will someday break out like a huge tidal wave wrecking destruction in my life?

I hope I wake up before that happens.

Ljg 2016


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Image Exercise

I could not install Illustrator, the application I needed the most to create patterns in a circular path (AKA a mandala). So I had to figure out a way to do it in Photoshop alone. It worked. So my process was forced to change — which is a good thing in the long run. Here is a little practice image I made with the new process.

Stained glass mandala July 2016

“Stained Glass Mandala”

ljgloyd (c) 2016

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Pick Your Metaphor

Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, or priming the pump….  I don’t know which metaphor to use.

I have been a bit busy this last week with a lot of life chores and I haven’t had time to write.  Well, truth be told, I haven’t felt like it.   I just didn’t have any words to say.  (Now, be nice, people.🙂 )

One chore that has engaged me this week is setting up a new computer.  My 12-year-old piece o’junk was gasping its final breath when I finally relented (I am very cheap) and got a new one.   Now I am installing applications, moving files, in general taking a walk down a digital memory lane in the process.  I realized that I haven’t made any digital constructions for ages and my hope against hope is that Photoshop and Illustrator will install and properly work so I can get working again.  (Windows 10 doesn’t work and play well with older applications.)   I may even try to install Terragen.

All this digging around in the soil of my creative garden has got me excited again to get back to creating visual pieces.   I would suggest to any Creative to revisit older work or media to prepare the soil or prime the pump for new work.

For newer subscribers, here are some examples of my visual work:

Sleeping Dryad“Sleeping Dryad”

fire sprite 72“Fire Sprite”

Wellness mandala small “Wellness”

"Swirl Shield" CGI in Illustrator and Photoshop using free-use and public domain clip art“Celtic Shield”

Tree woman“Tree Woman”

LJGloyd (c) 2016.

Inspired by the Letter P at the Soul Food Cafe


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Magnum Opus

conductorA magnum opus is that work which is considered the greatest achievement of a particular, artist, writer, or musical composer.

I have been plugging along for years writing, painting, photographing and, in general, making things.  (I am NOT a musician.)  I have not produced anything that I would call my magnum opus work.  And quite frankly I can’t envision myself ever creating such a work.

I have a couple of ideas for novels, but honestly speaking I can’t see myself ever having the time, drive, skill, and confidence to ever complete them.   And I hate to think that my greatest achievement is this body of work I post on this blog.

It makes me wonder, though, if we have too narrow a view of this term.  Maybe one’s magnum opus is not just comprised of one’s outward creative works.  Maybe we can broaden the definition to include that which one creates on the inside, an internal process to cultivate integrity, honesty, optimism, generosity, peace and tranquility.

Maybe I am too busy creating my inward work to ever have the time, energy, and focus to create an outward work.

Maybe for me, my magnum opus will be a life well-lived.

ljg (c) 2016


Inspired by the Letter O at the Soul Food Cafe and yesterday’s prompt at the Daily Post. 





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Night Storms


“Memory”, by Eliju Vedder

We all go through them–long stormy nights when all we want to do is curl up under the covers and wait for morning light to come.  From poets and theologians, to song-writers and painters, the dark night has been a repeated theme.   I cannot write upon this today, so I will let others speak.


Click HERE for the complete text of St. John of the Cross’ poem, Dark Night of the Soul



And Lorena McKennitt wrote this moving song based on the poem.

About “Memory” by Eliju Vedder.

Inspired by the Letter N at the Soul Food Cafe and the word Storm at the Daily Post.







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