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Mistress Moon

When I went on my walk this morning, I looked up and beheld Luna’s baleful eye gazing down on me. It was ominous. It was creepy. It was oh-so-cool.

If you do a google search for “moon”, you will get back 347 million results. The results range for this morning’s rare occurrence, to songs and stories about her, to her effects on tides, to her as a theme for a popular video gaming system.

She is everywhere in our cultures.

Luna is part of our past through our legends and mythologies.

She is with us in our present. Scientists will tell us that the moon has absolutely no effect on human behavior or psychology , yet many of us believe it does.   Furthermore, she is a part of inner-most selves.  Some in the psychological field see the moon as a symbol of the unconscious, the feminine principle in our psyches, and even representative of our “shadow” selves.

The moon, according to some, is even a part of our future. She is a part of prophecy.

It would seem that Mistress Moon serves as a conveyor of all that is human.


Text and image: ljgloyd (c) 2018



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Regarding Hope

Pandora letting Hope fly free.

The WordPress Daily Post wants to know what we think about the idea of “hopefulness”.   I guess they put this prompt up because it is the last day of a truly awful, horrible year.

But here is the thing to consider:  Calendars and yearly numeric designations are artificial constructs and should not have any influence on the application of hope in our lives.  I will have no more or no less hope tomorrow as I do today or as I did in 1982.   Our understanding of time should have no bearing at all on hope.  Hope is timeless and eternal.

Furthermore, the application of hope has everything to do with circumstances.   For example:

Am I hopeful that our vicious, strident political climate will improve in 2017?   No.

Am I hopeful that our world will become a less violent place next year?  No.  In fact, it may become worse.

Am I hopeful that the Lakers will rise up from being designated the worst basketball franchise ever?  Absolutely no — that would take a true miracle.

However, there are some things wherein I do have hope:

Will I become a better, stronger, kinder, more functional person?   There is a glimmer of hope there.

Will my friends and family enjoy health and prosperity next year?  I always hope for that.

Is there a Power greater than us moving through our lives in this dark and bitter world to make them better?    Of that I have absolute hope.

Based on this last point, I wish you:

A Happy New Year and May You All Be Blessed

ljgloyd (c) 2016

Image:  Pandora releasing Hope into the world.