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A Peek at My World

A peek at my town begs the question: what lies inside the shadows?

Ljg 2017



Huevos Rancheros, My Way

I love it when the Daily Post offers up food-related prompts. Serandipitously, I made Huevos Rancheros to brighten my gray and rainy Sunday morning.

There are many ways to make this dish.  My way is to crisp up a corn tortilla in a bit of hot oil and then layer it with refried pinto beans, eggs cooked sunny side up, salsa, a sprinkle of cheese, and a dollop of crema mexicana.

Oh yeah.   My eggs rocked this morning.

Ljg 2017

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Back to Basics Across the Disciplines

Once or twice a month I gather with others at a local drum circle. This particular circle has a lot of djembe and conga players and most of them are experienced and talented percussionists. I am learning a lot from them.

However, I am an amateur darbuka player, and my initial study of drumming was with middle-eastern rhythms– which are enormously different from the Afro-Latin beats of the drum circle players. Furthermore, once a week I practice with a band (guitarists and vocalists) who play contemporary pop/folk. So you can see that I am exposed to an ecclectic variety of musical sounds. Unfortunately, this is resulting in me developing, in my opinion, a rather eccentric drumming style where I am not particulary good at any one of them.

To mitigate this, I have assigned to myself the task of going back to the fundamentals of middle-eastern drum patterns and practicing them until I am competent in them.

I think this return to the fundamentals is important in all creative disciplines. If you crochet, perfect that single chain stitch. If you cook, be a master at hard boiling eggs or making that bechemel sauce. If you write, dust off your dog-earred copy of Strunk and White and review the elements of style.

Before Picasso started painting like this,

he learned to paint like this:









ljg (c) 2017

In case you are interested, I am working on perfecting a maqsoum pattern:


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Okay, So About Today’s Post….

This post has nothing to do with today’s Daily Post prompt, ghoulish, but I wanted to end my month-long self-challenge to blog every day with a link to the Daily Post since so many of you who commented and liked my posts came through this portal.

What did I learn from engaging this self-challenge?

First, it was an exercise in finding connections.  I was able to find some kind of relationship between the daily prompts and my imagination, even though at times that connection was tenuous and convoluted.   Usually I wrote these posts sometime between 6 am and the time I started the day job.  At the very least,  I proved to myself that the synapses can still fire even that early in the morning.

Secondly, I learned to expect the unexpected with regard to the responses. For example, yesterday’s post about “Fluff” was a piece of drivel in my opinion, yet it got more likes than any other of my blog posts in the last month. Then there were other posts that I thought were pretty darn good — which hardly got a look.  I think my Inner Critic has gone on a bender because my writing instincts have become a bit skewed.

Third, I reinforced my commitment to write every day.  The writing has become every bit as much a morning spiritual practice as has my yoga, meditation, and reading.

What’s next? I am still  going to be writing every day but not necessarily through blogging. I have some personal writing that has gone long unattended, and I also want to work on my drumming and photography.

Oh, who am I kidding?  If a prompt floats my boat, I’ll still be posting!

Thanks again.  And Happy Halloween!!!!

Miss Pelican.

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A Piece of Fluff

“An onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the sound that it describes.”*

Words like buzz, creak, gurgle, snap, sniff, snore, and slurp are all onomatopoeia.

Here is a long list of onomatopoeia.

Surprisingly, I don’t see the word “fluff” on it. That’s odd because to me “fluff” is the sound you hear when you toss a pillow and punch the sides to add some air to the inner stuffing. “Fluff, fluff, fluff.” It has an empty and muffled quality to it– much like this post — which is a piece of fluff.

Sorry, that’s all I got today.   😳


ljg (c) 2017