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The Artist’s Sketchbook

Some helpful tips about sketchbooks.


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The Poor Lowly Toothbrush

Today’s prompt at the Daily Post is “Toothbrush“. When I checked for this prompt at about 9 a.m. this morning, there were no responses at all. None. And I thought, “how weird– no one can think of anything to say about toothbrushes?” Just because it is a poor, lowly toothbrush does not mean it is not worthy of note. There are a lot of things you can say about the toothbrush.

For example, you could write about the refreshing feeling you experience when the dentist hands you that new brush after your last dental exam, or how much work it is to brush your teeth when your toothbrush starts to wear down.

You could also write about all the different things you can do with a toothbrush besides brushing teeth. You can use the toothbrush to clean your finger nails, apply hair dye, dig the grout out of your kitchen tile, brush your eyebrows, and remove stains from clothing.

However, the coolest thing you can do with a toothbrush is create stars.  Yeah, stars.

From the earth to the heavens, so is the life of a toothbrush.

ljgloyd 2017

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One Minute in my Art Journal

I have an art journal which I use in part to work on techniques and experiment with new media and also a personal journal in visual form.  For example, I went to the Museum of Latin American Art last week and was inspired by Frida Kahlo.   My intention was simply to render a portrait of her with watercolor crayons.  What came out was a mixed media piece that looks more like an icon of some Byzantine saint.  How interesting is that?   Here is a quick one-minute video of that process.





Yoga and Green Tea

I am establishing some new morning habits.

For a couple of years, my old habit was to wake-up to inane talk radio and listen to it for a whole hour while lounging in bed.  I would then drag myself out of bed and get dressed, then watch a half hour of depressing and oh-so-repetitive cable news while I ate breakfast. When I left for work, I was already tired and spent. It was no wonder that my right knee felt like a knife was slicing through it. It was as if all that negative energy was settling into the structure and mechanism of my knee.

At the end of March I got a wake up call that I needed to be doing more cardio exercise to improve my health. But how would I do that with a bum knee? Past experiences with western medical practitioners made me skeptical to ask them for help. I did not want to take painkillers or other drugs and physical therapy never proved helpful in previous situations.

So I got off my butt (literally) and engaged the services of a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner. I just finished 17 weeks of acupuncture treatment, including herbs and nutritional counseling. The results: Four months ago I could not walk two city blocks or climb a flight of stairs without stabbing pain in my knee. Yesterday, I walked and actually jogged TWO miles with no knee pain whatsoever. (Okay, I just jogged on the flat parts of my very hilly town– but still!)

My new morning habit is to wake up at 4:45, make a cup of green tea, leave it to cool, take my walk, come home and do some yoga and meditation, and then re-hydrate by drinking the tea– all before 6 am. This leaves me time to clean up and dress, pack my lunch, eat my breakfast, maybe read a little, and still get to work 7:30.

Do you see what’s missing? NO media. No news about stupid, inept and embarrassing politicians, acts of violence, the destruction of our environment, social unrest, injustice, et cetera.     None.   Nada.   Zip.

Those issues are important and are not forgotten.  I just deal with them later in the day.   My goal is start my day in peace and harmony.

Now the trick is to keep these habits engaged until they become a fully complete life-style.  There’s no going back at this point.

I’d better get myself some more tea.


ljgloyd (c) 2017