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Thank Goodness for the Yarn-gods

My mother was a fiber artist before the term even existed. She did some embroidery work, but mostly she crocheted. In her younger years when her eyesight was better, she wrought intricate doilies and table covers in fine threads. In her later years, she employed larger yarns and hooks and made beautiful throws and coverlets, stunning in their elegant simplicity. Every chain was crafted in perfect tension and balance.

She tried to teach me to crochet; however, I am left-handed and she was right-handed and most of our learning sessions ended in frustration. So she gave up and I gave up. I left the fiber artistry to other family members and moved to other genres and creative expressions.

Fast forward a few decades: This morning, out of the blue, someone gave me a pouch of crochet hooks. It is almost like my mom is saying from beyond the veil: “Let’s give this another try.”  So this weekend I will go out and get some yarn and give it a go.

What about the whole left vs right-hand conundrum? Well, thank goodness and the yarn-gods for Youtube.

ljg 2018