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The Art of Imperfection

“Kintsugi Heart”
Digitally Constructed with Adobe Photoshop CC

Kintsugi is the Japanese technique of taking broken ceramic pottery and mending it with precious metals such as liquid gold. The idea behind this is that there is beauty even in imperfection.

Upon waking one morning this week, an image immediately popped into my mind’s eye:   A shattered heart made of stone fused back together with fine gold.

How often are many of us in that state where we feel emotionally cold, even frozen, unable to open our hearts.  Then something comes along to shatter it.  We feel like we cannot be put back together.  Yet, slowly, if we allow it, Grace fills our hearts with light and love, and we slowly come back together.

I wanted to draw this image with pencils,  but I did not feel that my drawing skills were perfected enough (ironic, huh?) so I fell back to my photoshopping skills and rendered this digitally created image.

This is exactly what I saw.

ljgloyd (c) 2018

PS: If you are wondering where my Inktober drawings went, I took them down. I realized that I just don’t have the time to make them nor the skill to want them to be shown. Thanks for the positive comments, though.