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What I’ve been up to….

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since last October.  Well, yes, I can.  WordPress is not nice to me anymore and making a simple post is a pain.  I’ve also been in a state of overwhelm created by politics and pandemics and geo-political crises of the last few months.    

But I haven’t been slacking.   On a lark, I took two courses in Reiki healing.    Reiki is a hands-on energy moving technique designed to bring about anxiety-reduction and relaxation.   The Reiki practitioner is taught to access universal life energy (“chi” or “ki”) and send it through the client (or the self)  to open up energy blockages.   Sounds “woo-woo”?   Yes, yes, I do admit that.  However, I cannot explain why my hands get warm and tingle when I follow the steps to access the energy. 

Anyway, I am a Reiki Level Two practitioner now.  

Go figure.

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