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Watching the Watchers

I joined a couple of hundred of my fellow employees to watch the eclipse.  We are outside the “path of totality”, but even so, it was mighty cool to see a crescent sun.

What I found almost as amazing as watching this celestial event and all the mesmerized watchers is the fact that all across the country millions of divided and feuding people put aside their differences for a couple of hours.

Now why can’t we do that all the time?

Yes, yes, I used filtered glasses….

LGloyd (c) 2017


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Interior Cartography: Flying into the Light

I spent quite a bit of time crafting this photo-montage (of both original and found images). I was trying to work into the composition images of stars and the moon, but the image of light erupting from a horizon would not go away. That must be significant.

If any of you are wondering about my apparent fascination with pelicans, it comes from an encounter I had with one a few years ago. Pelicans are actually indigenous creatures where I live but I never saw one while growing up. DDT and other pesticides killed them off, but when those substances were banned, they made a comeback. A number of years ago, I was hiking along a sea bluff and I came across a juvenile or a female — hard to tell which– perched on the railing.  She did not startle when I approached. Had I wanted to I could have reached out and touched her. Instead I just marveled at such a magnificent creature.  Right then she became a symbol to me of one coming back from the brink.  Whenever I am feeling defeated, I think of her.

And this is an image of her, THE pelican, on that day:

ljgloyd (c) 2006, 2017


Under Space

I am unequivocably an “earth woman”.  I like my feet planted flat on the ground and I don’t get too upset when it quakes and trembles under me.

However, I do have an intense fascination with the sea.  I have never lived far from it and I wonder if I would be happy if I ever had to move away.  And as much as I have an interest in the heavens and the exploration of outer space; I think there is much to be said about the exploration of “under space”, the vast void beneath the surface of the sea.  We may speculate about life on other worlds, but if there is any new life to be found on this planet, it will be under the sea.

What follows is a series of photographs that I have taken over the years of  “under space”.  No, I am not a diver. These were taken at an aquarium.  Like I said, I am just an “earth woman” — with a deep appreciation of the sea.

ljgloyd (c) 2006-2017




Poor Pitiful Pluto

There are some beliefs upon which you think you can absolutely rely.  For example, the sun always rises, the moon predictably phases across the night sky, and the North Star is always, well, north.  So one can say that the astronomical realm may seem constant and unchanging, at least from our perspective here on old terra firma.

So what’s the deal with Pluto?   Growing up I was taught that Pluto was the ninth planet.  Though barely discernible on the frigid edge of our solar system, we knew it was there and that it was a planet.  Then, in 2006, poor, pitiful Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status.   So troublesome is this demotion to some that the issue comes up in popular culture.  For example, Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory is just beside himself over this.  Why?   My theory is that in this increasingly unstable world we find ourselves, we need something greater than ourselves to believe in.  For some it is the seemingly constant and rhythmic dance of the cosmos.

Fortunately, my faith is not in astronomy, though I think I might be a little upset if someone suddenly told me that T-Rex is not actually a dinosaur. 🙂

Post-script:  Just days after I wrote this, I came across this announcement:  Pluto is a Planet again.  


But I think my point is still proven.  You can’t rely on anything…….





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Shine On, Harvest Moon

Super harvest blood moon

I had a solo moon-viewing party last night. The sea clouds parted long enough for me to capture a sliver of the super blood moon. What does one drink while moon viewing? I improvised this: coffee, milk, cocoa powder, agave nectar, almond extract, orange extract, cinnamon, and chile powder blended with a molinillo and poured over ice.  (I would think if you wanted to make this more adult, you could add a shot of Kahlua.)

Sipping a Mayan mocha under a bloody harvest moon.  Perfecto!

Ljgloyd, 2015