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A Small Corner in My Realm


I sometimes feel overwhelmed at the enormity of what we must do to save this planet. As fires rage and oceans rise, as lands become barren and the path we walk along the edge of extinction crumbles away before us, I still feel hope. I am one simple woman. What can I do? I will take my one small corner of green that I am blessed to steward and plant flowers. Sounds silly and naive? Tell that to mourning doves who graze in my garden and the hummingbirds who hover about, and the bees who come looking for my lavender and rosemary. And when I plant milkweed and borage this spring, I hope the butterflies will come. That is what I am doing. Even if all I had was an apartment balcony, I would put out a pot of flowers to feed a passing pollinator. Before I start though, I need to show a little humility and perhaps, to use an old fashioned term, a little repentance for my part in damaging the planet.  Then I will put on my gardening gloves and get to work– sowing one tiny seed at a time. 


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5 thoughts on “A Small Corner in My Realm

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  3. This is a great idea — I’m all in favour of feeding the passing “pollinators.”

    There are some other things we all could do, too: stop buying stuff made by companies, or in countries, that pollute. We’re hauling megatons of stuff in from places that don’t give a hoot about pollution — because we want it cheap. (End of rant. 😉 )

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