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Under Space

I am unequivocably an “earth woman”.  I like my feet planted flat on the ground and I don’t get too upset when it quakes and trembles under me.

However, I do have an intense fascination with the sea.  I have never lived far from it and I wonder if I would be happy if I ever had to move away.  And as much as I have an interest in the heavens and the exploration of outer space; I think there is much to be said about the exploration of “under space”, the vast void beneath the surface of the sea.  We may speculate about life on other worlds, but if there is any new life to be found on this planet, it will be under the sea.

What follows is a series of photographs that I have taken over the years of  “under space”.  No, I am not a diver. These were taken at an aquarium.  Like I said, I am just an “earth woman” — with a deep appreciation of the sea.

ljgloyd (c) 2006-2017




Energies: A Haibun

This is a haibun, a Japanese poetic form which combines prose with haiku. It is a reworking of an observational post from four years ago (in case the prose and the photo seem familiar to you).


At the beach at dawn under a full moon, a woman feels a convergence of forces, the coming to together of the spirits of place and time.  It is there and then where she feels the fullest dichotomy of energies:  night and morning, dying moon and birthing sun, land and sea.   As the woman soaks in these energies, for a few sublime moments, the dichotomy disappears and balance takes its place.   And where there is balance, there is peace.

Ebb, flow, thud, crackle
Breaking surf rush forward then
Back wash, July’s dance.

ljg (c) 2006, 2013, 2017 (El Porto Beach, California)



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Hesitating into Spring

Today is the first day of Lent. I do not usually observe this season in any external manner.  For me it is a time of inward reflection. There is something beneficial about taking a period of time to slow down, to hesitate, in our worldly routine to take an inward glance at ourselves. Some cultures and faith traditions do this in the Autumn, some in the Spring.

It is befitting, I think,  that Lent comes when it does, usually just before the Spring equinox, where winter takes one last inhalation, hesitates, and exhales itself into Spring.  Those who observe Lent take a similar deliberate inhalation before breathing into a season of renewal.




ljgloyd (c) 2017



Photo Challenge: Shadow

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme is “Shadow”.     Since my Canon died and I have not gotten a new camera yet, I have been taking pictures with my iPad.   This image is of my hand through the skin of one of my frame drums.  This is far more eerie than I expected.  One can see the fibers in the skin and the blood in my hand.

Shadow Hand through Drum

ljgloyd (c) 2017