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Peering at the World Through Cat’s Eyes

This is one of the first—and favorite—poems I ever wrote, way back in 1996. I am re-posting it in response to today’s prompt “to write a poem about an animal.”.

Peering at the World through Cat’s Eyes

To meditate like a cat,
Poised, enigmatic, sphinx-like,
on a redwood deck
watching morning sun splinter
through dew-drops,
sniffing the fading
night scents of jasmine,
listening to rising
birdsongs and strong steps
of mistress in the kitchen,
to meditate on such as this
in stillness, in silence,
peering at the world
with golden almond-split eyes,
is to watch it crack
open and display
its wonderous beauty.

Ljg 1996, 2019


Bee Garden

Last year I grew a vegetable and herb garden. Some plants flourished, others did not, and overall I was not pleased with the amount of produce versus the amount of labor and water.

This year I am not growing things for myself, but rather for the bees, and eventually, when I get a birdbath, for them as well. The garden will be an evolving one, and at the moment I’m just purchasing small drought-resistant plants,such as rosemary, lavender and salvia. They are not even in the ground yet and the bees have already arrived. We’ll see how this turns out in a few months.

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What to Do with a Camera and a Bottle of Vodka

I wanted to fool around with one of the close-up functions on my camera this evening.  I also wanted to mess around with my essential oils.  (Yes, I have diverse interests)  So I decided to do both by experimenting with making a reed diffuser and taking a couple of photos of the process.

You need some distilled water, vodka, essential oils, bamboo reeds, and a small-necked bottle. Mix a quarter cup of water with a quarter cup of vodka in the bottle, add about 30-40 drops of oil and thoroughly mix. Fan out about ten bamboo reeds in the neck of the bottle and let it sit for a couple of days to let the reeds become saturated with the oil mixture.  That’s it.

Here is the DIY instructions: How to Make a Reed Diffuser

Annoyus Pedestrianius

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Trying not to spook then, I snuck up on this herd of Long-necked App-Operated Scooters (annoyus pedestrianius) quietly grazing at a curbside. It must be mating season since their numbers seem to be increasing on a daily basis.  Soon many human wranglers will attempt to ride them, scattering the terrified Scooters in all directions on streets and sidewalks, thus endangering the populace. Our only hope is that these creatures will soon migrate on to greener streets.