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Day 115: The Zen of Airing My Laundry


Today is supposed to be a major holiday where I live. But there is no excitement for me today. It is going to be just like any other Saturday. I will work in my garden, do my laundry and get rid of some recyclables.  I may even vacuum.  It will be more of a day of quiet circumspection than a day for watching fireworks and eating barbecue.

Last week my dryer broke down.  Right now I am not inclined to get it fixed. There are several reasons for this, but basically I just don’t want to deal with it. It just seems so irrelevant in the middle of all the global chaos. Instead, I bought a clothesline and some old-fashioned wooden clothespins and this morning I hung my wet laundry out to dry in a discreet place in my yard.

I noticed right away that this is a slow process. It is not just throwing the clothes in a metal box and pressing a button. I had to take my time and hang things properly.  It was pleasant standing out in the warm summer sun. I was transported me back to my childhood before we had a dryer in the house and watched my mother tend to this task.   (I am sure my mother would not have seen this chore in the same way as I do now which is why I suspect we eventually got a dryer. And ask me my feelings about this again in January when I can’t hang my clothes out because of the freezing rain.).

But today in my yard near my sunflowers and ripening tomatoes, in the midst of a global pandemic, financial crisis, and social unrest, I am reflecting on the state of the world and finding a few minutes of serenity.  Or at least I will try.

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6 thoughts on “Day 115: The Zen of Airing My Laundry

  1. This was nice to read. 🙂

  2. Domestic chores like this do give us time to reflect on things (or just mindlessly amble along). We hung our clothes out when I was a kid. My mother actually ironed the sheets and pillowcases! Eek! If I tried it on my property, everything would be covered in sap and bird poop.😁

    • A crow was hanging out in the yard keeping an eye on me as I hung the laundry. I looked at him and said “don’t even think about it“. Fortunately, no lingerie disappeared or were pooped upon. 😀

  3. We left our dryer behind when we moved, there was no room for it in the new house. When the weather is fine the washing hangs outside. When it isn’t, wed have folding airers. This is good if the heating is on, but not if it isn’t. So in warm weather we often wait for a fine day to do the washing. In Australia, we don’t have long to wait.
    We have a fold-out line bolted to the side of the house. My mother had a long line and a wooden clothes prop. A child can pick up a lot of practical physics from working with, and observing, a clothes line, how it is held up at each end, and the prop. It was my treat to work the prop.

    • I think I will like line drying —it actually dries faster than in my dryer which never seem to get hot enough. Thanks for the tip on winter drying.

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