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Z is for Ba-ZINGA!


Z is for Ba-ZINGA!   Thank goodness for Sheldon who popularized this expression.  It is the perfect statement of personal triumph.  I finished the A to Z Blogging Challenge and overcame a writer’s block!  Ba-ZINGA that, you Inner Critic!

In January, I was in the middle of a writer’s block so I started working through a creativity recovery program.  I did not finish the program because I realized a few things about myself as a writer:

First, I am not a novelist.  I am a blogger who likes to write short essays and fiction.   Second, I need an audience, and plugging along by myself on some novel that probably will never be published is a stupid waste of time.  Third, I will not make a living as a writer, so I cannot give up the day job.

These considerations I embraced and now I feel free to write to my heart’s content and spread it out in the blogosphere.

Thank you for joining me on this semi-autobiographical Wandering Journey through so many unrelated topics.   Someone commented that striving to be a polymath is an ambitious goal.  It was never about that.  It was about the journey.    I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

One more thing before I close this project:    Z is also for “zzzzzzzz.”  That is the sound I am now going to take for the next month or so as I take a little break.

My best to you all.







7 thoughts on “Z is for Ba-ZINGA!

  1. Congrats on finishing, and even more so for discovering your true writer. May you be successful in that

  2. Don’t give up on that novel. You never know what could inspire you. You can get published as an author of short stories in anthologies or magazines. I never thought I’d ever become a novelist either, but here I am. No, I didn’t get rich off of my books, but since I’m retired and have income, they provide for the perks. Find me here. LINK

  3. This has been the busiest blogging I’ve ever done, but well worth it. I like what you discovered about yourself. It’s coming to terms with the confluence of your goals and reality. I think it’s where most of us are, too.

  4. Well done! Congratulations!

  5. Working with so many authors had me feeling like I should write a novel, though I don’t really care to write fiction. lol. I did publish a book. It was a how-to book based on blog posts, but I enjoy blogging more than putting together a book. Girl Who Reads

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