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Miss Pelican’s Day Off

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imageBetween my day job, personal obligations, and daily chores and administrivia, I do not often get a “day off,” a totally unstructured day where I just  go with the flow and do whatever I want, whenever I want.    I was able to have such a day.

    • I turned off my alarm and woke up naturally this morning.
    • I  enjoyed a slow cup of coffee and did some journal writing.
    • I then spent some time in the library just goofing around the way I used to do as a kid.
    • I  then spent some time in a bookstore just golfing around the way I used to do as a teenager.
    • Not far from the bookstore is an old fashioned stationary store, surprisingly tucked inside a Japanese supermarket.   I played around with their pen selection and bought one specifically for journaling.
    • I stopped  at an Indian takeout restaurant for a couple of samosas. Oh my.
  • imageI decided I needed a bit of exercise so I went to the mall, of all places, and walked from one end to the other and back. Of course I had to stop and  try on hats. No I did not buy any this time.

All of this was just a prelude to what I really wanted to do today: I wanted to join a drum circle. I have been thinking about it for a while but I was a little intimidated. Did I play well enough? How friendly with the members be?   I worried for nothing. I had a blast!

Ljg 2017


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