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Intuitive Community: Drum Circles


If you look at my About page, you will notice that I hang out at drum circles.   If you are unfamiliar with drum circles, they are informal gatherings typically in some outdoor space where people drum for fun.   Everyone of all ages is welcome.  No one needs to know how to play a drum.   The drumming is all improvisational and spontaneous.   There is usually a host, but she or he is there simply to make sure everyone is having fun. That person does not teach the drum.   You simply sit down and start to play.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you are doing or how to drum.    You are just there to make noise with a group.  There is no other purpose for the group.  The odd thing is, despite the various levels of drumming experience, most of the participants usually fall into a rhythm with each other.  Real music begins to happen, and that music is created as a group.   There is a mysterious unity that coalesces.   There is not much conversation and you might not ever learn the name of the other participants even though you see them every week.   There is a harmonious community spirit that manifests on a non-verbal, non-rational level.  An intuitive communication engages among the participants.

It’s the strangest darn thing you’ve ever experienced.

Here are some clips of my recent drum circle experiences:




5 thoughts on “Intuitive Community: Drum Circles

  1. Very cool. I went to a restaurant in Zimbabwe and they handed out drums to people. We pounded away and they brought out dancers as well. It was wonderful.

  2. Loved this! I have never been a part of a drum circle, but now I am eager to try it! What a great way to be part of a unique non-verbal community! Love it!

  3. Well it is nice to know exactly what a drumming circle does. I’ve heard of them and I have a friend who participates. But that is the extent of what I know.
    Letter E, here I come.
    Hey, It’s Ann visiting from A to Z So Much to Choose From and
    Science Ladybug

  4. One day i will look into drum circles here. They sound fascinating!

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