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Getting Away

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If you have been reading my posts about daily planning and productivity, you will know that my days are crammed-packed.

I needed to get away today– from work, from chores, from appointments, from people. I needed some unstructured time to pamper myself and be alone with my own thoughts.

So this morning I slept in, then took myself out to a local deli for breakfast.  After that I pulled out onto PCH and headed south. I ended up at a beach and I just hung out there for a good long while drinking up the sun and feeling the sand and salt water stimulating the bottoms of my feet (very energetically therapeutic).  On the way back I stopped at Barnes and Noble.   I didn’t buy anything.  I  just needed to get lost in the books.   Next a stop at Michael’s to get some ideas and to be around art supplies.  (I debated whether to go there or an office supply store which has the same effect in getting my creative juices flowing).    I rounded out the day with a self-made spa experience with a good, long soak in my bath tub while listening to classical music.

So my point in sharing this: get away by yourself every once in a while to rest and get re-grounded.

A bagel, a beach, some books and a bath– that’s what worked for me today.

redondo rocks 7 5 16ljgloyd (c) 2016

Inspired by the Letter G.


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