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Everyone is a Musical Being

imageUntil recently, I have never thought of myself as a musical person.  Music was never part of my growing-up experience except to listen to 93 KHJ’s Boss Radio on a tinny transistor.   I never had instrument, voice, or dance lessons.  I was always a little envious of my friends who had this, though, at the time, my friends would have thought I was the lucky one.

I joined a congregation as an adult and I discovered that it was okay to sing.   Then one day, when I was about to have a significant birthday, I signed up for a belly dance exercise class and discovered that dancing was okay too.   It was in that dance class that I really discovered rhythm and melody.  It started out with finger cymbals, then I got my first Arabic drum, then an African drum, then two frame drums. I started playing the drum at informal worship meetings.  Then I started attending a community drum circle.  And just last week, I acquired a strum stick, a type of stick dulcimer. I am teaching myself to play it.

I feel like some flood gate has opened and water is irrigating my soul.

I have learned that everyone, by virtue of being human and having a heartbeat and vocal cords, is a musical person.  We are instruments through which God makes music.

Here is what a music therapist has to say about this:

(My apologies for the advertisement on this video….)




Slam, Bam, Thank You Jam

imageI am not the least bit musically inclined. So it’s hard to explain why I had this darbuka drum for so many years.  (Truth be told it had something to do with my brief experimentation with  bellydancing–  but that is the story for another day).

I have been using this drum for the last decade as a decoration in my home and occasionally as a place to park cups of coffee.

A few weeks ago a musician friend of mine invited me to bring the drum to an informal gathering of friends in a garage. My playing with them was a bit tentative since I have never had a real lesson by a proper darbuka instructor, but I muddled my way through with the guitarists, relying on my intuition rather than skill to find the appropriate rhythms for each song.

My playing must have been acceptable because I was asked to bring my drum to a Christmas party last night.  We sang about a dozen Christmas carols where, for most of them, I provided the percussion.

I had a lot of fun– so much so that I am thinking about finding a way to be properly trained to play this drum.

I would never have thought that music would ever be a creative expression for me.