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The Daily Post Photo Challenge of the week is “Time to show us your lunchtime. This might seem like a pretty narrow task, but if you think of “lunchtime” as a theme, there are lots of places you can take it.”

Okay then.  Here’s the photo:


The poor resolution of the photo is a result of taking it on the fly with a poor camera.  However, I think this is in keeping with the theme of today’s lunchtime experience:  my lunch was made on the fly.   I was short on time this morning so all I could manage was tossing a pouch of instant oatmeal and some dried fruit and nuts in a sack.

This exercise has gotten me thinking about why so many of us like to share something as mundane as what we eat with everyone on our social media outlets.  I’ve heard critics moan “Who cares what so-and-so had for dinner?”

I have a theory about this:  there is something fundamental about “breaking bread” and communing with others at the table.  Every culture, every community, every family has food rituals that involve other people.   This is one of the most basic of human activities.   So it stands to reason that this activity should flow over into the virtual world.  We share pictures and comments about what we cooked and what we ate just as we would if we were in our own kitchens with a group of friends or family.

I only wish I had brought something better for lunch today to share with you all.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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