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I have the power….

The Daily Post says I have the power to enact a single new law. What would that be?

I thought about this for awhile and I decided not too.  I mean, really, what  if I made a law, let’s say, to ban the sale of all assault weapons to mentally ill people? No, I would piss off a bunch of people, they would leave nasty comments, and then I would get a headache.

What if I made a law that all people had to take parenting classes and take a test before they could get a license to have children. Maybe there would be a few less hellions running around my neighborhood and a few less unwanted or abused children.  Naw, it would be an unenforceable law and folks would wail that the government was intruding into our private lives. (Psss, guess what: they already are…)

Maybe I would make a law against making too many laws. That would warm the hearts of my Libertarian friends.

Maybe, I would make it a law that you can’t waste bandwith and followers’ time with making stupid posts like this.   I can hear the whoops of delight.

Thank you for taking the time to read and indulge what is actually just a writing exercise for me.  Please do not take this post seriously at all.  I’m just messing with you.

Maybe I would make a law against everyone being too serious all the time…….