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With great enthusiasm I respond to today’s prompt from the Daily Post:  “Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Without reservation I say that Heather Blakey through her work at the Soul Food Cafe launched me on the road to daily writing and navigating the realm of the blogosphere.

Prior to 2006 I was plugging away at writing on my own static website.  No one in my world knew diddly-squat about these things called “blogs” and certainly no one was reading my website.    Then one day I fell into Heather’s magic Chocolate Box and started writing.  One turn in her labyrinth led to another and then another and I ended up blogging on a regular basis with a delightful group of women (and a few men).

I have moved on to my own work here at the Perch, but I still keep in contact with many of my SFC buddies.  Many of them are actively engaged in their own writing projects.  I urge you to take a click on the links in my Blogroll on the left and see the handiwork of these wildly creative individuals.

According to the SFC website, the group is now closed, but Heather is currently working at Just Nous and Creative Foraging.  Go there.  Take a look around.  Be inspired by Heather.

I was, and still am.

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