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Tapering Off or Cold Turkey?

I stopped eating wheat about two months ago. I did not taper off. I just went cold turkey.

It was not easy. Everything I eat I wish were a toasted bagel slathered with cream cheese. Every time I drive past my favorite burger joint on Main Street with their big, soft sesame seed grilled buns, I begin muttering to myself the mantra: “Don’t stop, don’t stop, keep driving, you can have a nice bowl of brown rice when you get home.”

Modern wheat has been likened to heroin. Seriously. The wheat that is grown now is not the same wheat consumed for thousands of years.  It has been genetically modified to create a larger crop yield. Unfortunately, this genetic manipulation has increased in wheat a substance called gliatin which is an appetite stimulant. The more wheat you eat, the more hungry you get.   And it is a substance addiction that is hard to break.  Here is an easy-to-read article about this here.

Since I’ve stopped eating wheat, I have better digestion and more importantly, my joints do not hurt anymore (apparently wheat consumption causes inflammation in some people– me included). I did not realize how much my body hurt until I stopped eating wheat and the inflammation calmed down.

Now, for my other “addiction.” Caffeine.

Twenty years ago I did not drink coffee. Then when the “green mermaid” coffee houses started opening up, I began to frequent them for ice blended mochas and other sweet drinks. Then I graduated to the stronger stuff. Now I get a vente dark roast drip almost every morning. If I don’t have my morning coffee, I will have a screaming, skull-smashing, debilitating headache by late morning that no pain reliever will conquer.

Cold turkey, therefore, is not an option. I will need to slowly taper off if I am to survive this very real withdrawal symptom.

I am starting this morning. I will get a half-decaf, half-fully leaded vente. I have to start somewhere.

Is there a coffee equivalent of the DTs? Gosh, I hope not.

Post-Script:  I really did go down to our building’s canteen right after I posted this to get some coffee, and I noticed that they are now selling “bagel buzzes”, which are bagels made with 32 ounces of added caffeine.  I’m not making this up!   Now one does not have to “pick their poison”;  they come together in one easy to manage package.

Oh, and by the way, nothing here should be construed as medical advice.  This nutritional advice was given to me by a medical practitioner and works for me.  You need to go see your own practitioner before you try this.


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Taper at The Daily Post


That Demon Drink

coffeeI make coffee for myself every morning.  I pop a k-cup into my fancy coffee-making machine and away I go.

Let me digress for a moment to say that I did not buy the fancy coffee-making machine.  It was sent to me at random by the fancy coffee-making machine company as a promotion.  Of course it was a ploy to suck me into buying their expensive coffee cartridges to go into the fancy coffee-making machine.  I fell for it.  Still, though, making it at home with this device does save me some money.  Fifty cents to a dollar per cup (depending if I have one of those blue and white 20% off coupons from my local home store chain).  Making coffee at home beats the price of the brew I would need to purchase at my local “green mermaid” coffee house.

Back on point:  as I said, I make coffee every morning.  I never forget to make it, but I have on certain occasions made the coffee and then left it on my kitchen counter as I go out the door.  What then follows is a period of intense condemnation on my part: “You idiot, you moron, you putz!”   Then comes the frantic scramble to find a replacement cup.  Usually I buy a cup from the canteen at work that costs even more than the cup from the green mermaid place.  Or worse, if I’ve gone to one of my relatives’ homes, I’ve reduced myself to consuming a cup made from instant coffee purchased at a dollar store.   Brrrr…….

Now I could wax all metaphoric and say that having my cup of good coffee is the same as doing a morning devotional practice:  it orients my day and gets me started on the right path. The problem with that notion is that a real spiritual practice shouldn’t involve  handling boiling liquids before one is fully awake.  I could also say that I need my morning joe to boost my creative output.  No, I’m not any better at writing with coffee than without it.

No, the truth of the matter is — and I’m sure you all have figured it out by now — I am a raging caffeine addict.

Yes, I admit it.  I confess it.  I beat my breast in anguish and self-loathing.

But I would like to add, as any true addict would, it isn’t all my fault.  See, I didn’t touch the stuff until I was about 35 when all the coffee houses started opening up.  It was innocent enough at first:  I started with the iced-blended mochas, then moved to lattes, then cappaccinos, finally ending with the straight up brew itself.  And not the mild stuff, but the deep, dark, rich, smoky roasted stuff that would eat through the bottom of the cup if I left it long enough (which I don’t).  Really hard-core stuff.  Yeah, my dealer is a mermaid and she made me a junkie.

And let’s not forget the aforementioned fancy coffee-making machine people and the “free” machine.  It’s like having a demon crouched in the corner of your kitchen.

Kick it, you say?  Ah, yes, nothing is more delightful than to face a full-on, mind-splitting caffeine headache at 11 a.m. when you are trying to hold down a job and get your work done.   Or worse, giving up coffee only to replace it with bottle after bottle of diet sodas or that sneaky, subtle little conveyor of caffeine they call tea.

At this point, I don’t know what to do except try to limit my coffee to a moderate amount, moderate being a 12 ounce cup in the morning followed by a 20 ounce in the afternoon purchased from one of my dealers.


I wonder if there is a 12-step program for caffeine addicts.


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Shine On, Harvest Moon

Super harvest blood moon

I had a solo moon-viewing party last night. The sea clouds parted long enough for me to capture a sliver of the super blood moon. What does one drink while moon viewing? I improvised this: coffee, milk, cocoa powder, agave nectar, almond extract, orange extract, cinnamon, and chile powder blended with a molinillo and poured over ice.  (I would think if you wanted to make this more adult, you could add a shot of Kahlua.)

Sipping a Mayan mocha under a bloody harvest moon.  Perfecto!

Ljgloyd, 2015