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Estelle, the Six Legged Dinosaur

Express? You ask a bunch of writers and other creatives to respond to a prompt about expression?   Oh, where do we start?

Let me just give you my basic definition of “express” as informed by my tradition: Humans are created in the image of God and as such we do what God does — we create. We express who we are by the act of creation. We have the divinely-appointed privilege of being used by the Great Creator to continue creating the world through our acts of self-expression.

Furthermore, we are blessed to sometimes create together in community. For example, recently I was engaged in a clay workshop where I and the two strangers on either side of me were instructed to create something — anything– out of a block of wet clay. We we asked to work together without speaking to each other. From this silent collaboration we created Estelle, a six-legged dinosaur.

I know, not particularly lofty and divine-like. But there is a place for whimsy as we create this world.

Whether whimsical or mind-shatteringly profound, we are called to find expression as part of our human condition.

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One Minute in my Art Journal

I have an art journal which I use in part to work on techniques and experiment with new media and also a personal journal in visual form.  For example, I went to the Museum of Latin American Art last week and was inspired by Frida Kahlo.   My intention was simply to render a portrait of her with watercolor crayons.  What came out was a mixed media piece that looks more like an icon of some Byzantine saint.  How interesting is that?   Here is a quick one-minute video of that process.




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Interior Cartography: Sometimes When You Crack an Egg, She Erupts……

A wise man told me not to repress anger but to channel it in a journal to let it go. Lava-spewing cracked eggs? You think I might just be a little p-o’d? LOL!

ljg (c) 2017 — Found images manipulated in photoshop.