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Getting Organized

My winter break is almost over, and I have managed for the most part to keep up with my self-imposed 21 day creative challenge. I have painted and drummed and to my surprise found that getting organized and decluttering my home is a major creative outlet.

One of the things I did was to set up my 2016 bullet journal. Below I have put a link to the bullet journal page so you can see what this organizational tool is all about. One of the things that I discovered during these last three weeks is that I can be organized if I apply myself and use such tools as the bullet journal. I’m going to take you want a little flip through of my bullet journal so you can see how it’s set up.


My bullet journal is housed within a leather passport-sized traveler’s journal. This is not an expensive Midori; it is a “faux-dori” that I bought through Amazon from ZLYC. It was on sale so I could not pass it up.


The journal is about the size of two decks of playing cards. This may seem small for a journal, but it fits into my bag. If I cannot take it with me, then I will not use it, so this works for me.


The main component of the journal is an extra small Moleskine weekly diary.


This is perfect for me since it has seven days on one spread.  I write in the tasks I plan to undertake each day, including the creative ones.


I linked together with rubber bands four extra small Moleskine cahiers each dedicated to a specific purpose.  My Brain Dump is the  most important section as this is where I figure out things I want to create.


I used a spreadsheet program to create a tracking chart. On it I have various daily tasks that would be too much to write in each day on the bullet journal spread — like exercise, reading assignments, etc.


Finally, I created a pocket pouch to hold things like post-its, business cards, and other bits of paper.

So my bullet journal will help me to stay on track with all my various creative projects and daily chores.  No excuses this year for not getting things done.

To learn more about bullet journaling, visit its website



Slam, Bam, Thank You Jam

imageI am not the least bit musically inclined. So it’s hard to explain why I had this darbuka drum for so many years.  (Truth be told it had something to do with my brief experimentation with  bellydancing–  but that is the story for another day).

I have been using this drum for the last decade as a decoration in my home and occasionally as a place to park cups of coffee.

A few weeks ago a musician friend of mine invited me to bring the drum to an informal gathering of friends in a garage. My playing with them was a bit tentative since I have never had a real lesson by a proper darbuka instructor, but I muddled my way through with the guitarists, relying on my intuition rather than skill to find the appropriate rhythms for each song.

My playing must have been acceptable because I was asked to bring my drum to a Christmas party last night.  We sang about a dozen Christmas carols where, for most of them, I provided the percussion.

I had a lot of fun– so much so that I am thinking about finding a way to be properly trained to play this drum.

I would never have thought that music would ever be a creative expression for me.