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Prompts Suck So Go Steal A Story Idea from Someone Else


The prompt I pulled from the deck today was about character development.  Meh.  I love character development, but I just didn’t feel like writing about this morning.  In an attempt to jump start this, I started sniffing around on YouTube to find a video on how to develop characters.  Again I was not being engaged by this prompt.  However, I stumbled across this video on an entirely different subject:  developing story ideas.     The vlogger started by announcing that prompts don’t work in developing story ideas.  Amen to that.  Then she gives what I think is a brilliant idea: Steal from other writers!  Yeah, really.  But it is not as bad you might think.  Watch the video and you’ll see.    I’m going to give this a try.   More to come on this.


2 thoughts on “Prompts Suck So Go Steal A Story Idea from Someone Else

  1. She’s a real bundle of energy and ideas, isn’t she?!

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