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I Think She Was Possessed


So I have to share something weird that happened a couple of days ago. I was sitting in my living room  having a zoom conversation with another person.   Then I heard someone talking and music start playing somewhere in the back of the house.    I excused myself from the call and went to investigate.

I found my Echo Dot (Alexa) playing a song in my bedroom.  I can’t identify the song but it sounded like some kind of Christian-oriented lyrics.   Since my zoom partner was waiting I simply said “Alexa, stop” and when back to the call.   After I signed off, I pulled out my phone and opened my Alexa app to see the activity log.  Someone had to tell her to play music and it would  be noted on the app.

The app reported that someone said to the device:

“Alexa,  put on I Just. ‘ I Just Need U. by TobyMac is only available with Amazon Music Unlimited. Here’s a station based on I just need U.’”

So apparently she heard “Put on “I Just..’.” and thought I wanted to hear this song by TobyMac, a Christian hiphop artist.   Since I don’t have Amazon Music Unlimited, she put on a streaming Christian music station instead.

I was alone in the house.  The windows were shut so there was no outside noise to stimulate her.   Did she overhear and misinterpret something I said in the living room on my zoom call?   I don’t recall saying anything with Alexa’s name that would have woken her up, let alone anything that sounded like the name of this song.  And I’ve never heard of TobyMac.

So WTF?    This is so weird that I had to share.   Any ideas?



2 thoughts on “I Think She Was Possessed

  1. She is possesd makes sense to me 😀

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