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Over the years, I have done meditation off-and-on. Mostly, it is the “focus on your breathing” type and only for a few minutes. I have a monkey in my mind that swings from branch to branch flinging crap all over the place. I get discouraged and fall out of the practice for a while. Then something prompts me to take it up again.

It has gotten better ever since I took first and second level Reiki training. Self-reiki is encouraged and I must tell you that I always feel good and revitalized whenever I do it. That little monkey swinging and flinging has something to do now as she visualizes energy pouring into and spreading all over my body.

As a result, I meditate in some form more often and for longer periods.

However, there is a consequence too. As my mind becomes more clear, a lot of junk from the past is coming up, emotional baggage that has sat unclaimed and covered with dust for decades. That little monkey has pulled it out of storage and is making me deal with it.

I guess that’s a good thing. I really ought to reward her with a banana.

ljg 2022

2 thoughts on “Monkey-Mind

  1. I love your descriptions, especially the unclaimed baggage.😁 Glad you’ve found a way to make meditation work for you. My efforts have always fallen flat.

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