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I don’t have much to say about notebooks except that I have a lot of them.  Each of these two notebooks contain three separate smaller notebooks.   One is for brainstorming and drafting.  Another is for morning pages.  Some are for research notes and some are for quotations and other commonplace activities.   

My question to you all is:   have you ever acquired a new notebook for no other reason but to have it around just in case you get inspired and need a fresh place to compose?   

I have. 






7 thoughts on “Notebooks

  1. I like to buy attractive notebooks for my diary, but all the rest are cheap and utilitarian. Those two in your photo are gorgeous!

  2. I have a ton of notebooks too. I always like to have at least two extra, as I use separate notebooks for daily Journaling and poetry, and I never quite know when I’ll finish the current one. 🙂

  3. Many times. A while back, I began using my accumulated blank notebooks to learn how to create art journals — for the purpose of opening up my writing (I am definitely no artist), The result has been remarkable, and I now consider the art journals a fantastic cognitive tool for my writing.

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