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My Band of Avian Marauders

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I have a family of crows that live in the trees behind my home. I don’t like using the term “murder of crows“ because that just seems so harsh for such a familial group. Yes, they tear up the plants in my garden, befoul the bird bath, and terrorize the smaller birds. But they are so entertaining to watch as they swoop and glide and play and bicker with each other.

I have resisted the urge to feed them because I didn’t  want them to lose their fear of humans or to become dependent on me for food. I have been assured by others who are more knowledgeable about corvids that they won’t.  So at the moment I am just sticking to tossing them handfuls of raw, unsalted peanuts in the shell in the mornings as a treat. I’ve done this now for about a week and they have already gotten into the habit of waiting for me to come out of the house each morning. It’s like having a bunch of hungry teenagers hanging around the place.


LJGloyd 2021

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