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The Big Gray and Red Spiky Thing


penI have not done much creative writing to speak of in the last seventeen months. No poetry, and only one brief story on Day 71 of my lockdown.

This morning, I was wondering why.

I think my creative mind has been stunned into silence by all that has happened to me personally during the lockdown. I think all of us have had the wind knocked out of us to one degree or another. Everything is different. There will be no going back to “normal”.  Even if the day comes when we are all vaccinated (I know, wishful thinking), and we don’t have to wear masks anymore, and we can go to theatres and schools and churches and baseball games, some of us will always be hesitant to get too close to strangers or be obsessively looking for the hand-sanitizing stations. Some of us will be in constant fear of another pandemic and lockdown.

The fact is that another pandemic WILL happen again. This virus is already mutating and will mutate even more.  I predict that we will need to get new vaccinations every year for this virus, just like a regular flu shot.

Furthermore, as the climate changes and the ice caps melt, ancient viruses even more devastating than this current one might emerge from the melt. Some might argue with me about this, but it doesn’t matter if that actually happens or not.  The point is I will constantly be living with the fear that another Plague will happen.

Even worse than the fear of getting sick and dying, I am no longer able to trust the reasoning power of others. I know so many people who are downright crazy in their fear of science and common sense to the point where they will not get vaccinated. It is almost like a mass psychosis, a group mental illness. Seriously, do some of you really think you are being micro-chipped by getting a vaccine?   Get the damn vaccine, alright?

So how is this going to affect my creative output? I know some creatives wont include a mention of the pandemic in their work. How can they ignore an event that created such a foundational crumbling of all that we have thought safe and secure? Is it a form of denial? I suppose writing and reading creative fiction and poetry is a form of therapy for many creatives, a refuge in a time of trauma. Well, I guess I have some sympathy for that.  I just spent the last year and a half posting photos and drawings of safe things like flowers, fruit, fish and birds.

But eventually we creatives will need to address the elephant — er, rather the big gray and red spiky thing in the room.  I cannot see how we can’t.

ljgloyd 2021

4 thoughts on “The Big Gray and Red Spiky Thing

  1. Hmm. I’ve never really thought to write anything much about the virus or the pandemic. Maybe I should. Since I write history, maybe a 1918 flu story or some reference to a forgotten epidemic somewhere.

  2. I don’t mean so much to write about the virus; rather, I meant to incorporate it into the background of fictional pieces. For example on current shows on television, how often do we see characters wearing masks or social distancing? Ot episodes of a drama where the characters deal with the covid death of friends. Our popular forms of storytelling aren’t dealing with this yet. Thanks for commenting.

  3. You’re right in that the pandemic has affected us irreversibly and has silenced many creatives. I haven’t really written creatively since before the pandemic. It has changed every aspect of life. But I have seen it inspire a few creatives as well. As for the vaccine, there is a lot of fear and ignorance surrounding it. It up to the people do to their own research on it and make the best decision for their own personal health. There are those who cannot take the vaccine, whether they are immuno-compromised or what have you. It’s not that they don’t want to have it, but can’t. Others just live in fear and ignorance and flat out refuse to take the vaccine, yes. Which is sad.

    • I agree. I should have been clearer on this. Someone I know said she was afraid because of health issues. When I suggested she ask her doctor about it she claimed that she was waiting for God to tell her to get the vaccine . There is no reasoning with that so I don’t even try. Thanks for commenting.

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