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Dumping WordPress?


I have a question for my readers: Do any of you post on WordPress? I have blogged on WP since 2006, loved it for a long time, but have come to absolutely loathe this platform now ever since they stopped supporting the Classic Editor on the free package. It has become so difficult to create posts with their incomprehensible “block” editor that it is disrupting my creative process.

I want to switch to another platform that is easier to use. Blogger/Blogspot is easy but they just discontinued their email subscription notification function so there is no way my followers can know when I post. What is the point of having a site there if no one knows you’ve posted?

Do any of you even blog anymore? Is blogging dead? Is it all Instagram now? (which I equally loathe). I don’t know what to do. Comments welcome.


9 thoughts on “Dumping WordPress?

  1. Hi, Lori! It’s because of an email notification that I saw you posted this, if that helps with your Blogspot choice.

    I rarely post on the blog of my own (WordPress-based) website any more, due to a combo of procrastination/inertia/wasting time on Twitter/(insert excuse here). The new “block” formatting option in WordPress is annoying but not a factor in my lower usage of it.

    I do try to visit other people’s blogs to read posts and acknowledge them with a like, at least, if not a comment. I think a lot of blog posting has become Twitter threads, or like you said, Instagram posts. Part of me thinks it’s the result of people getting really lazy about focusing on actual blocks of text – blogs make us actually have to read things (!).

    Is blogging dead? I don’t think so. It’s just competing with a lot of other ways of communicating. If you still have the motivation to blog, I say go for it.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Joanne. I may have to lower my expectations with WordPress in terms of formatting and keep struggling with it. If blogspot won’t let me notify my readers, then like I said, what’s the point? The advantage of having a blog over using Instagram or any of the other platforms is that the blogs provide an archive. Lori

  2. Last summer when this block editor crap was foisted on the blog world, I wrote a couple of posts about ways to get the ‘classic’ editor even with that darned block stuff muddling up the works. Maybe they’ll be helpful to you? If you have questions I’d be happy to answer anything I can or direct you to someone who might know. I hope you don’t dump WP. From what I hear Blogger (at least) doesn’t get much traffic, which might be fine for your circumstances.



  3. Hi, I post on my WordPress blog almost every day. I was also really frustrated when WP discontinued the classic editor, but the classic block works almost as well. I actually have come to like the image block. As for Blogspot, I don’t have personal experience with it, but some people on Blogspot are frustrated with recent changes as well. :/

  4. I still blog on WP, but with my paid subscription I still have access to classic editor. I do not want to deal with the block. I’m currently posting only sporadically because I’m working on getting my book in shape to publish and it’s taking most of my time. But soon I will get back to doing regular posts.

  5. I’m not impressed by the ‘block’ system, though I’m sure for some people it is ideal. To bypass the issue, as I don’t post that often, I set my post up in Libre Office, exported to a PDF, which I imported into GIMP, then exported as a JPG. This I uploaded into an image block. The only snag is that the title of the post has to be retained or the post has no name, and the title may not line up with the content.

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