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What Happened to my Reading Addiction?


I used to read a lot, especially at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. Now, not so much. I can’t say why. Is it because I am tired? Depressed? I have not been writing either. I”ve run out of things to say. Could it be that not writing has disrupted my desire to read? Or is not reading derailing my desire to write? Neither have I been drumming. That I assumed because I need to have a group and I stopped going to drum circle last year. I have been making art, working in the garden, and cooking. But how much longer will that last? It seems that anything to do with words has been gummed up. Too much effort? I don’t know. Maybe a disruption to my reading/writing– that is, my WORD addiction– is just one more consequence of this past year. Don’t know. And right now I am too tired to care.


6 thoughts on “What Happened to my Reading Addiction?

  1. Stress, it’s stress. We’ve been living under a lot of stress and stress makes it hard to concentrate.

  2. I totally get this and agree that it’s stress-related.

    I bought a lot of books in the last year, trying to support indie book shops. Reading those books? Not so much. My TBR pile is overwhelming. But I finished one this morning and I was thrilled about it. Now on to the next one…

  3. Very understandable. We started out with all this free time to read, and/or write, but like anything else, it becomes tedious after a while and we need to turn our attention elsewhere. The need for words will resurge at some point. Maybe against a more balanced agenda as the pandemic fades.

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