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Some Thoughts about Solitude and the Creative Life


Lonely Beach on a Rainy Day

My first response regarding solitude and the creative life was to say, “Of course!  The creative life absolutely requires solitude.”   I absolutely must be left alone when I write or paint.  I don’t want others tagging along when I am in “photo-shoot’ mood.

But then I thought about my drumming.   I don’t drum when I am by myself.   I should.  I need to practice, but it seems like I cannot drum unless I am with other drummers or musicians.

Then I thought of those who are involved in quilting bees, crafting circles, or other group art-making projects.  The social component seems like a necessity.   I know writers who produce their best works at writers’ workshops or weekly writing meetups.   These creatives don’t NEED to be together to produce a product– yet it is part of their process to collectively make art or write.

So like many functions of life, the need for solitude in the creative life depends on the person and the art form.

But I will tell you now, if I say “I am spending the day writing,” do-not-bother-me.    🙂

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3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts about Solitude and the Creative Life

  1. I used to write a lot when I was younger. Had not many friends because I was an immigrant!But now I enjoy company best, in playing bridge, in luncheons,dancing, singing, bible studies… We change our preferences as life goes along. Can’t seem to go back to writing!I admire you for writing , painting and photography , none of which I  am good at!   *\|/**\|/* Mary Beth *\|/**\|/*

  2. I am definitely a solitary artist. I won’t even let my husband help me make dinner. 🙂

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