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You Are the Summer Sun

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Today we get to play around with the Bard himself.  The prompt is “to challenge you to ‘remix’ a Shakespearean sonnet.”  I am selecting for my inspiration the first line of one of his most famous sonnets:  “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” from sonnet 18. (No this is not a sonnet   Just some rhyming quatrains).

You Are the Summer Sun

You came over my horizon
Like a scorching summer sun
flooding my life with light and heat
leaving no place where I could run.

You warmed me like a beach fire
after a long hot surfing day
You blistered my innocent skin
when too long in you I lay.

You found a fertile soil in me
but did you love what you had at all?
I think not because that land is bare.
A sudden frost heralds an early Fall.

ljg 2019

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