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Gold Light

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I’m sorry, but I simply do not have the time today to write.  However, just so I don’t break my rhythm and in keeping with today’s prompt to “to write a poem that is specific to a season,”  I offer this poem I wrote way back in 1996.

Gold Light

In my mother’s chair I bask at ease
in a square of orange light and hear
magnolias applaud with breeze blown leaves
their farewell dance to Persephone.

Caught in rods of amber light,
dust specks float above the door
refracting sparks of diamond white,
gold squares stretch across the floor.

No hoary frost garlands the jack.
No maples burn with autumn fire.
Just golden light to break the back
of scathing summer’s brazen ire,
While I recline in deceptive ease
to mourn the death of Persephone.

ljg (c) 1996, 2019

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