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A Haibun for an Endangered Species

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Today’s prompt is to write a poem that “talks.”

A Haibun for an Endangered Species

On a bright spring day, before the May gray and the June gloom, I strolled along the boardwalk, dodging skateboarders and runners.  Old men and a few women lounged on plastic tarps under their tents next to shopping baskets filled with all their worldly possessions. Chaos and misery.  I found an escape, a narrow doorway, a real hole-in-the-wall leading to a new world.   A bookstore!   Brick and mortar.  An endangered species. Towering bookcases.  Poetry leading to politics, history to mystery, photo books to cookbooks. A calico cat rolled on the floor begging for a belly rub.  I lifted a book and parted the covers.  My hand caressed a soft page.  I remembered my youth—long warm days of reading in the backyard .  I could download this book. It would be cheaper.  But this species must be saved; there are far too few now.  So I bought the book and went home.

Red Adirondack
English lavender in bloom
Bird! Don’t plop on my book!

Ljg. 2019

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