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When Your Flaming Spire Fell


My poem for today could marginally be related to today’s prompt “to write a poem that … presents a scene from an unusual point of view.” But this poem is what is on my heart today so that is what I’m posting.

When Your Flaming Spire Fell

I wept when your flaming spire fell.
I cried when I saw the faithful
fall to their knees and pray.
I felt heavy in my heart
as your graceful face, marked
by weather and age,
stood backlit by that hellish blaze.

Was it the prayers of the people
invoking the Lady who saved you?
Or the skill and resolve of les pompiers?
Gargoyles, some would say,
are charged to keep evil at bay.
Or even the Lord Himself may
have set His hand on you.

Why did I cry–
not being faithful in that same way?
Was it history or beauty
falling as ash into the sanctuary?
Or maybe it is something else too:
in your ruined, crumbling frame,
Maybe I see me in you?

Ljg © 2019

4 thoughts on “When Your Flaming Spire Fell

  1. This really is great Lori!

    • Thank you. I’m pleased at how this turned out. This proves to me that writing poems is more than a technical exercise in word-smithing. There is an emotional component required as well.

  2. Thank you for this beautifully-written tribute.

    • Thank you. I was compelled to say something. I think that our world today is so full of ugliness that when something of such grace and beauty is damaged or destroyed, we feel it all the more.

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