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I’m Not Fine


Today’s prompt is to write a dramatic monologue. I love these because I really don’t have to think about them too much: just a stream-of-consciousness thing rolling of my tongue with a natural cadence taking over. So here it is:

I’m Not Fine

How am I? Oh!
You really want to know?
Convention says I should answer “Fine”
but I draw the line.  I’m
Lousy, shitty, crappy–
I can think of a few more adjectives,
that if I say enough will turn into
invectives against the whole #$&%$@# thing.

I’m supposed to write
a dramatic monologue,
fancy-ass words just to say
I’m gonna spew all over you.
This poem is gonna have its way
‘cuz I don’t have time to make it rhyme
or worry about meter and iamb.
It’s just gotta be what’s inside me.

I’m not fine.
I’m not fine.
Aren’t you glad you know?


ljg 2019

Image from Morguefile and manipulated by me.

5 thoughts on “I’m Not Fine

  1. Fantastic! This was enjoyable to read and humorous, even though it was kind of serious.

  2. wo! I hope you will be fine soon. I am not fine at the present either. Some days are just not worth its grain of salt!!!!

    *\|/**\|/* Mary Beth *\|/**\|/*

  3. Wish you were fine. The writing is for sure.

  4. Thank you. I’m fine actually. Was just having a bad morning when I wrote this.

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