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Today we are “to write a poem about something mysterious and spooky.


Remember that afternoon at Casa Mirasol
after a long day of surfing at Estero?
We ate carnitas and debated the merits of a good fish taco.
We chilled and sipped cold Mexican Cokes and Jarritos.

Remember how we came to the house
after the sun had long set.
We chatted with the neighbors.
We stood in the yard while you fished for the keys.

Remember how I pointed up to the sky and said
“What IS that?”  You dropped your keys.
Remember how they were different colors?
Pulsing blues, glowing pinks, oranges, white.

Remember how we watched them
bobbing, turning, then hovering.
Remember you whispered
“Planes can’t do that.”

Remember how you ran inside?
Remember how you left me alone?
Remember how I panicked?

For some reason I can’t remember what happened next.


Ljg 2019.  Image from Morguefile (This is remarkably similar to what we saw).

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