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She Is…..


Today’s challenge is to write a poem about emotional, physical and spiritual origins.  I wrote a version of this poem in 2008 and have just done a major revision for today’s prompt.   We all change, don’t we?

She Is….

She is from tuna fish sandwiches on Wonder Bread,
from Barbie dolls and Stingrays with banana seats.

She is from the rough stucco walls of a small tract house,
baking in the sun of a golden land.

She is from palm trees and sweet gardenia,
from juicy lemons plucked from a backyard tree.

She is from opening presents on Christmas eve
and then again on Christmas morning.

She is from roaming tribes of barbarians,
from nine generations of patriots and farmers,
from immigrant of the old country,
from grips and greensmen on the studio lots,
from women who made custards in blue willow cups.

She is from raucous laughter and bawdy jokes,
from straight-shooting, between-the-eyes honesty.

She is from “what goes around, comes around”
and “everything happens for a reason”.

She is from a father who took her to the library three times a week.
She is from a mother who drew whipped cream smiley faces on pancakes.

She comes from the line of the Greatest Generation
striving to make a mark in her own.

ljg (c) 2008, 2019

2 thoughts on “She Is…..

  1. This is wonderful! What a great way to share your heritage and aspirations, too. I can visualize your childhood and family. Beautifully done.

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