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The Devil Wind

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Today’s prompt is to start a poem using “a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon.” Last night we had a wind storm. We sometimes call this phenomenon devil winds.  Somehow this poem about devil winds morphed into a tragic love poem. (Oh dear, have I come to that?) To make it a little more challenging to myself I wrote this poem as a sestina, a 39-line French form, non-rhyming but using only six words to end each line in a particular order. It may sound great in French, but it was a little daunting to write in English.  I may come back to this someday and tinker with it.

The Devil Winds

Down the canyons sweep the devil winds
stirring the clutter of my garden’s soul.
Slamming against my back yard fence
the raging blasts waken the ghosts
who make my windows shake and rattle
and my house to creak and knock.

I too begin to shake and knock,
fearful that these loathsome winds
will ravage my house and rattle
more than my windows but also my soul,
unleashing those swirling ghosts
to tear down my own interior fence.

You sauntered up to that fence
and upon my life you knocked.
I turned as pale as a ghost
when you hit my life like those devil winds.
You broke and ravaged an innocent soul.
You are not a snake but I hear your rattle.

Howling winds set my teeth to rattle
and tore down my back yard fence.
To all nearby, my garden and soul,
splay open and exposed, knocked
by those damnable winds,
fighting back against those angry ghosts.

Haunted by your beguiling ghost
that boundary of mine begins to rattle.
I cannot face your unrelenting winds
that breaks down my teetering fence.
I dread the day you came and knocked,
upon my door and swept away my soul.

I succumb and bare my soul
to your ensnaring ghost
and thank heaven for that knock
that broke my door and made rattle
that meddlesome fence
that keeps back those moaning winds.

The devil winds upon my soul
Broke the fence, unleashed a ghost
that rattles and knocks forevermore.


ljg 2019  Image courtesy of Morguefile.com

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